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    Welcome to qompa!

    Welcome aboard the qompa-ship, qompanion! We're glad to know you with us. Let's begin our journey!

    What's this?!

    Huh? What's this all about, I hear you askin'? Ok, let me brief you on the basics: Things are happening all over the world - political events, celebrations, crises, catastrophes, sports, technology break-throughs... It is tough to keep a top-notch overview of everything, but qompa could help you with that. This tool locates all these news and groups them on a map.

    Your journey

    Creating an account gives you many benefits for your usage of this tool. It allows you to rate qomps, create your own entries, answer to and interact with other qompanions, and much more. You can also sign in with your existing account, if you want! Of course, you can also use qompa without an account.

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